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If you're looking to fit out your lash kit with everything you require to create the lash extension styles your clients are asking for, our eyelash accessories offer exactly what you need.

Our eyelash accessories include everything from cream lash remover to nylon and silicone mascara wands, lash wash, lash tape and more. Whether you’re starting out as a lash artist or are a seasoned professional, our accessories are of the high quality you need.

Our Cream Lash Remover allows you to gently remove lash extensions from the natural lash within 1-2 minutes of application. This is an effective way to remove extensions without damaging or pulling out the natural lashes beneath. (An added benefit of this product is that it doesn’t release bad fumes.)

Another popular product is our Lash Wash, which helps remove make-up residue, dead skin and oils from the skin and lashes before applying our Lash Primer and Lash adhesives. This lash cleanser is also a winner with clients who want a gentle product to wash their lashes with, following lash extension application. 

We also offer a range of tape options, including sensitive blue gel tape, foam lash tape, and 3M micropore tape and more. Our tape is perfect for holding down lower lashes during lash extension application or for using as a barrier to protect your client’s skin from lash glue.

For avoiding snags during lash application, our smooth gliding Silicone Mascara Lash wands and Nylon Mascara Lash Wands will help separate and define lash extensions, without pulling or tugging on your client’s natural lashes. Your clients may also be interested in using these as part of their lash care regime, (running the wands through lash extensions ensures lashes maintain a voluminous look).

Our Lash Cleanser Brush is there to help break up oils and makeup residue on the lash line, and to enable your client to get between their lashes. It has very soft bristles which should feel gentle on both natural and extension lashes.

Our Nano Lash Mister offers a way for clients to cure lash adhesive, rehydrate their eye area and replenish the eye with moisture after a lash application.

Last but not least, your clients will love our LED Compact mirror. It has a slim and lightweight design that makes it super portable and easy to use. It includes an LED ring that mimics natural light, and two mirrors that offer clear vision of the tiniest lashes. 

Our goal is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices so that you can achieve the looks for your clients that they desire.

We ship to the US (including Puerto Rico), UK, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, and Ireland, so order your lash accessories today!

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