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Cherry Lash Store offers exactly the kinds of premium lash extensions you need to ensure you create beautiful lash looks for your clients. Our lashes are made with high-quality materials to ensure they are comfortable for the wearer, are long-lasting, and most importantly, look amazing!

Our lash collection includes classic lashes, featherized volume lashes, CC and DD volume lashes and mega volume lashes. Additionally, we sell colored and ombre lashes to help create those unique looks customers ask for.

Our Classic Lashes come in a range of curls, diameters, and lengths, ranging from 05MM to 19MM. These will add the length and volume to natural lashes many clients seek. 

Our volume lashes are here to help you create more dramatic looks, with multiple, thin lashes combined to create a full lash appearance. 

Our pre-made fan lashes will help to speed up your lash application, and our featherized lashes will help quickly create fluffy and dark lash sets, making them perfect for so many clients and styles.

All our lashes are made of synthetic mink, so each individual lash has a natural look and feel. 

Combine your Featherized lash purchase with our lash liquids, (including lash extension glue, primers & cleansers), our lash metals, (including tweezers and lash mirrors), and our lash accessories, (including lash wands, lash tape, lash brushes and more). We stock the quality products you need to create optimum lash extensions for your customers, and we leave out the stuff you don’t need!

We currently ship to the US (including Puerto Rico), UK, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, and Ireland, so order your lash extension supplies today!

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