We have three phsyical locations in Nevada.

Las Vegas Location

5775 S. Rainbow Blvd , Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV 89118

(702) 272-3646

Henderson Location

10740 S Eastern Ave, Suite 100
Henderson, NV , 89052

St. Rose Location

3483 St. Rose Parkway, Suite 120

Henderson, NV , 89052

Opening Fall 2022

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We advise using it for 4-6 weeks after opening if stored properly to keep it's freshness. However, it is important to refer to your adhesives specific handling and storage instructions.

Check out our adhesive containers!

We recommend keeping the adheisves at a humidity of 45 to 60% and temperature of 65-77 Degrees F. However, it is important to refer to your adhesives specific handling and storage instructions.

If stored properly, up to six months. We recommend storing it in a cool place around 65-70 degrees F. However, it is important to refer to your adhesives specific handling and storage instructions.

Yes, each and every one of our adhesives is formaldehyde and latex free.

When dealing with clients that are sensitive, we recommend our Velvet Lite adhesive.

All of our lashes are synthetic mink.

Volume Colored Lashes 

Whether it's on a new set or a fill, add a pop color to your lashes and make heads turn wherever you go all year round!

Diameter .07.05

Color & Curl GreenB BlueB PurpleB GreenC PurpleC BlueC

Length 7MM 9MM 11MM 13MM 15MM 17MM 19MM

Thick Feather Lashes

Light and airy, these lashes fan out so easily from small to large fans, we have all the lengths, diameters, and curls that you need to customize a look for each client.

Curl B C D

Diameter .10

Length 5MM 7MM 9MM 11MM 13MM 15MM 17MM 19MM

Premade Fan Lashes

These premade fans are here to give you the boost you need to elevate your artistry. Handmade and heat bonded, our fans are super light weight, have a matte black finish, and can cut your application time in half.

Curl & Fan 6D   C10D C

Diameter .5 .7

Length 9MM 10MM 11MM 12MM 13MM 14MM 15MM 16MM 17MM 18MM 19MM

Mega Volume Lashes

Give your clients the look they crave with the Mega Volume Lashes. Light and airy, these lashes are great for fans from 6D to 20D! 

Curl B C D

Diameter .03

Length 7MM 8MM 9MM 10MM 11MM 12MM 13MM 14MM 15MM 16MM 17MM

Light Brown Lashes

Brown lashes emphasize one's eyes in a more natural-looking way than black lash extensions, while at the same time gaining the full volume and length that lash extensions provide.

Curl B C D

Diameter  .07   .15

Length 5MM 7MM 9MM 11MM 13MM 15MM 17MM

Yes, please email Customer Service at hello@cherrylash.com.

Tweezers GS09 are lightweight and simple to use, providing accurate tweezing without gaps.

Tweezer LL-003 are straight tweezers that work best for traditional lash pick-up but may also be used for isolation.

The LL-004 tweezers work well for both isolating natural lashes and volume fanning. This style of extended tweezer can be used for all lashing techniques because of its ergonomic design.

The extremely fine tip on tweezers 6A-SA makes them fantastic for volume pick-up and fan creation. They are also the ideal tweezers for picking up and applying both Classic and Volume Lashes due to their angled head and anti-magnetic composition.

We advise using distilled water in your mister. This makes sure that the mister does not get clogged with build up.

Our misters do not use batteries. Misters are charged using a USB port.

Of course! Customers from all over the world love our products and we are pleased to offer shipping to all countries.

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