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Cherry Lash Store is the ultimate destination for your lash needs. Our mission is to provide you with the best-quality lash extension tools to reliably achieve stunning lash extensions for your clients. We’re thrilled to introduce you to some of our top products from our collection of eyelash metals.

Any experienced lash artist knows how important it is to have a range of tweezers in their kit, so that you can use just the right tool for a particular job. Our range of tweezers include straight, angled and precision tweezers, and will enable you to perform the delicate task of handling a variety of lash thicknesses and lengths.

Tweezer range:

The Precision Tweezer Ll-001 is a low tension tweezer with a non-magnetic interior that allows for easy lash pick up. The fine tips on these tweezers will enable you to isolate and separate each individual natural lash, without needing to glue neighbouring lashes.

Tweezers LL-002 and Tweezers LL-003 are straight tweezers that perform best for classic lash pick up, but also allow you to isolate and separate individual lashes, before needing to glue neighbouring lashes.

The Angled Tweezer LL-004 is useful for volume fanning as well as isolating natural lashes. The angled tip can help reach into the root of the lashes and ensure natural baby lashes don’t get in the way during application. Angled tweezers can be used for all lashing techniques.

Lash Mirror

A lash mirror is essential to check how full your lash set is looking throughout treatment, what direction lashes are pointing in, how perfect your top line is, and how even the coverage is across the lash line. Without a lash mirror, you might end up with uneven lash lines or lashes pointing the wrong way.

Our lash mirrors, available in Matte Black and Gold finishes, enable you to get a really clear view of your work and help you assess the lashes mid set, without your client needing to open their eyes. Made of durable materials, they stand up to daily use.

At Cherry Lash Store, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality products to help lash artists create gorgeous extensions for customers. Our collection of eyelash metals has everything you need to achieve flawless lash extensions, whether you’re an experienced professional, or just starting out.

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