Mega Volume Lashes

Mega Volume Lashes

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Mega Volume 

Our Mega Volume lashes allow you to add maximum volume to any set! Our Mega Volume lashes are super flexible and easy to work with. 


Why this is a Must Have for us!

When creating the fluffiest looks we love our Mega Volume lashes because of their spreadability, and how easy they make it to handcraft fans!

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Frequently Asked Questions



All of our lashes are synthetic mink.

Mega Volume Lashes - Our mega lashes are light and airy, these lashes are great for fans from 6D to 20D!

Featherize Volume Lashes - Our Featherize Volume lashes are fluffy and dark, making them perfect all clients and styles.

Classic Lashes - Our classic extensions are perfect for clients who want to add more length on their already plentiful natural lashes or for those who are looking for a natural eyelash extension.

We recommend using our lash box to keep your strips neatly rganized and clean!