Velvet Super Adhesive

Velvet Super Adhesive

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Velvet Super Adhesive  

For our advance users, we recommend our Velvet Super! 

Why this is a Must Have for us!

  • Retention - 6-8 Weeks
  • Viscosity - Thin, liquid-like consistency
  • Color - Black
  • Setting Time - 1 second
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Frequently Asked Questions



We advise using it for 4-6 weeks after opening if stored properly and for the best retention. However, keep in mind that after being opened, adhesives retain their freshness better when maintained in sealed containers.

We recommend the Velvet Lite & Velvet Regular for beginner and experienced Lash Artists. Our Velvet Super we recommend for our advanced Lash Artist as it is our fastest drying adhesive.

Yes, each and every one of our adhesives is formaldehyde and latex free. Because they are all of medical grade, you and your clients can use them to their full potential.