Why do you need eyelash extension primer?

Why do you need eyelash extension primer?

There are so many eyelash extension products available that sometimes you wonder if they are all really necessary. Which are essential and which can you do without?

Eyelash extension primer is one product that is certainly worth having in your kit, and will make a lash artist's job a whole lot easier. Let’s look at why.

What is eyelash primer?

Lash primer is an eyelash specialist’s best friend, for the following reasons.

  • Lash primer cleans a client’s lashes, removing residue left by make-up and skincare products, plus clears up the body’s natural oils. Using it means the surface of the eyelashes and cuticles is clear, and there is the optimal pH for lash extension bonding.
  • Whilst a lash cleanser is helpful, it still may leave behind some residue, so using the lash primer after cleaning is an essential step. It's particularly useful to use on those with very oily skin, as even after cleansing, stubborn oils may remain.

  • Once used, the lash primer creates an ideal surface for the application of eyelash extensions.
  • Without good adhesion, you may waste time reapplying lashes that don’t stick. Lash primer eliminates this issue. Primed eyelashes enable the extension lashes to attach quickly and stay in place, so that you can get onto your next clients sooner.
  • Using lash primer should mean  lashes you apply stay adhered for longer than they would if you were applying them to unclean eyelashes. Imagine painting a house. If you paint over a dusty or wet wall, the paint will crack, bubble, or peel off, and you have to repeat the job. Whilst there’s no crackling and bubbling with eyelash extensions, extensions will more likely fall off quickly if they were attached to an unclean surface.
  • If you’re an eyelash technician, having lash primer in your kit will save you a whole lot of time, as you won't have to repeatedly apply individual lashes. Additionally, you should get fewer complaints from clients who experience extensions detaching prematurely.

Is eyelash primer safe?

When applied correctly, and used on the right clients, eyelash primer shouldn’t cause any problems.

Most lash primers contain three main ingredients—water, Dimethyl Ketone (acetone), and Poly Ethanol (alcohol). The latter two ingredients are commonly used in a number of beauty products, though may irritate skin. When applying lash primer, it’s always good practice to avoid contact with the skin by using eyelash pads beneath the eyes, and using disposable microfiber eyelash extension brushes to apply the primer.

Who should avoid lash primer?

Eyelash extension primer should not be used on clients with:

  • very dry skin
  • sensitive or dry eyes
  • weak or brittle lashes.

The primer may absorb too much oil when used on those with already dry skin, and may cause a reaction in those with sensitive or dry eyes.

Those with very fragile natural lashes may suffer from the chemicals used in the primers, and lashes may become even more brittle.

For the above clients, avoid lash primer and use gentle eye-make-up removers to clean the eyes (if these can be tolerated), or else a saline solution.

How to apply eyelash extension primer

  • Prior to applying lash primer, a lash cleanser or oil-free cleanser should be applied to clean make-up off the eyes.
  • Place eyelash pads below the lashes.
  • Apply the lash primer to two microfiber brushes.
  • Place a brush beneath the lash and another on top, and slide the lash primer over the full length of the lash, from the cuticle downwards, until all lashes have been treated with the lash primer.
  • Once lashes are dry, lash extensions can commence!

What lash primer should I use?

There are numerous lash primers on the market. It's a good idea to shop around, read online reviews, and speak with other lash artist's to find out what works best for them.

Be wary of ordering online products you've  heard nothing about, or from retailers you aren't familiar with. You want to ensure the product has been tested and is safe to use on clients. You also want to ensure you get some quality customer service if you have any queries about the product.

We stock a Lash Primer in our Cherry Lash store which is not only perfect for enhancing the retention of lashes, but also can be used post lash application, as it will continue to rid the lashes of excess oil and residue, and help maintain the bond.

Another product we recommend using is a gentle Lash Cleanser Brush, which will help to break up any oils or makeup residue that get left behind between your lashes and on your eyelids. The bristles on our brush are ultra soft, so shouldn't be abrasive on sensitive skin.

In summary…

Lash primer is a useful product to improve eyelash extension adhesion and longevity. Ensure you take the proper care when applying the product, and avoid using it on those with sensitive or dry skin, or weak and fragile eyelashes.

For all your eyelash extension needs, head to the Cherry Lash store. We stock only the products that are essential for creating beautiful eyelash sets!

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