Ultimate Lash Extension Diameter Guide

Ultimate Lash Extension Diameter Guide

Eyelash extensions are a simple way to add glamour to you and your clients’ everyday looks, but it’s essential that you pick the right lashes!

If you are new to lash extensions, you’ll probably be investigating all of the options available in regards to possible lash length, thickness and curl, and you may find yourself amazed with the amount of options available (just look at an eyelash extension chart). Before you get too overwhelmed, remember that a skilled lash artist will know what extensions will work best for you, and be able to create a gorgeous look without causing damage to your natural lashes.

In this article, we talk about just one eyelash extension diameter (or lash thickness). We’ll look at what it is, how it’s measured, and how to choose the right thickness.

What is eyelash diameter?

Eyelash diameter refers to the thickness or the width of an individual lash. Lash diameters are measured in millimeters, ranging in thickness from 0.03 of a millimeter to 0.30.

In general, most lash technicians will stay in the 0.03 mm to 0.18 mm range.

How are eyelash diameters measured?

An experienced lash artist will most likely use sight alone to choose a suitable eyelash. They will look at the width of your natural lash and compare it with the width of the extension lashes they are working with. In some cases, they may measure lashes with a tool called a digital micrometer, which gives an accurate measurement of length and width.

What is the best diameter for extension eyelashes?

The ideal diameter for extension eyelashes will depend on a few factors, including the thickness and health of your natural lashes, and the overall eyelash look you’re aiming for. If you leave the decision to a trained eyelash artist, they will likely recommend you opt for an eyelash thickness similar to that of your natural eyelashes.

Below is a rundown of the lash diameters available on the market and what they are generally used for, including what volume sets they may be used in.

For those new to lash extensions, a volume set is where more than one lash is applied to a natural lash. So, the classic set is 1D (1 lash applied to each natural lash), 2D is two added lashes, 5D is 5 added lashes, and so on.

Lash widths

0.03 mm, 0.05 mm and 0.07 mm
These lashes are thin, and would be used for classic lash extensions on those with thin natural lashes.

They are also used as part of lash volume sets, as they are lightweight, so more can be carried on the natural lash. So, with the 0.03 mm thickness lashes, you could use them in a mega-volume set, like a 14D.

0.05 mm thickness lashes can be used in 5D, 8D and 10D volume lashes.

0.07 mm thickness lashes are well-suited to light volume sets, like a 2D.

0.10 mm
0.10mm is suitable for creating a classic lash extension on fine or weak natural lashes, or for a volume 2D or 3D set. Any set greater than this will become too heavy with 0.10 mm thickness lashes.

0.12 mm
This diameter can be applied as a classic lash extension to thin natural lash. It is generally too heavy for use on a volume set.

0.15 mm
This is the most common thickness used for a classic lash extension (1D). It creates a thicker lash look that should still appear natural. (15 mm lashes are also a little easier for lash artists to work with, which may speed up application slightly.)

0.18 mm
This thickness of lash (and anything greater) is only used for classic sets on those with strong natural lashes.

Can a client wear any lash thickness?

It’s important that the right weight of lash is applied to natural lashes. If an individual lash, or the weight of a fan style lash (one that includes a number of lashes in one) is too heavy, it can weigh down the natural base lash. Over time, too much weight on the natural lash can damage lashes, causing them to fall out prematurely. It can also disrupt the ongoing growth of the lash, which can lead to lash thinning.

So for those with sparse natural lashes, you should stick within a 0.3 mm-0.10 mm diameter range.

For those with average lash condition, you can move between the 0.10 mm to 0.15 mm range.

For those with really healthy, thick natural lashes, moving between .15 and .18 should be fine.

Blending, Stacking and Fans
You don’t have to just stick to one lash width—you can also blend a mix of lash diameters to create extra density. So, for example, if you are mainly using a 0.15 mm lash, you might like to blend in some 0.10 mm lashes to add texture.

You can also use premade fan lashes that have a base lash with numerous individual lashes that fan out from the base. These create a more voluminous look, particularly for clients with sparse natural eyelashes. (This can also be done by hand using Featherized Volume Lashes.)

What lash diameters do Cherry Lash stock?

At Cherry Lash, we stock lashes with diameters ranging between 0.03mm to 0.18mm which are perfect for classic lashes, right through to mega volume.

Whether you’re an experienced lash technician, or just starting out in the industry - you can guarantee that Cherry Lash lashes will provide exceptional lashes to help you get the best lash results for your clients!

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